Friday, July 3, 2009

Grass Fire

Not really too much to it. There was power out to 2 buildings nearby, and I would wager that the electrical box started the fire.
No damage other than to some nearby bushes and a lot of pinestraw. The fire was close to a concrete parking deck, but there was little threat of exposure problems there.
We dropped an 1 3/4" handline and easily put the fire out and drenched everything with tank water. Right as the last bit of fire was put out, radio called us and said the caller just called back and said we passed the fire. Ummm, no, we just finished putting it out.
It was funny when it happened at least.
In other news, I've got nearly a week off from work. I'll be working half a shift as payback for a friend soon. Then, working a 48 hour shift the first of next week, I'll be paid back in a couple weeks so I can attend another class.
I've spent my offdays so far staying at a friend's house. She had surgery and I've been keeping an eye on her/keeping her company/just being here for moral support. I've also been out to the barn to work with my knucklehead horse. I finally learned how to properly lunge him, and we have some work to do!

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Hydrant girl said...

Ah, your knucklehead horse must be related to my knucklehead horse! Gotta love them