Friday, June 26, 2009

Losing faith

Whenever someone asks if I enjoy my job, my usual response is either "most of the time" or "it has it's moments, like any job".

I am, however, quickly reaching the point of being fed up with my current situation.

I finally got a meeting yesterday with 3 chiefs in my immediate chain of command. I managed to bite my tongue when needed, and I truly believe I kept my foot out of my mouth for once.

I walked out of the meeting knowing damn good and well that not a single thing will happen.

I thanked them for the opportunity to have worked with the K9 team, and told them I wanted to become proficient as a relief driver and soon, acting officer, but that I needed their help. I won't gain the experience needed at my station, and need to be somewhere where I can.

My station is slow, as in each of the units normally runs 2-5 calls per shift. I don't understand why I'm even at this station, since I only have 5 years in. I WANT to be in a busy house and run the calls, so why not put me in a busy house and let some stereotypical lazy-ass be in the slow house?

I'm so damn frustrated over this. It's been stressing me out for nearly 9 months now. I'm sick and tired of this but I don't know what else to do. I'm rapidly running out of options.

It's tempting to do like some folks have done and write a transfer request every shift.

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hydrantgirl said...

The squeeky wheel, right??? Make them know you're serious about it! You'd think they would be happy to move you to a busy hall!? I hope it works out for you