Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Class = massive boredom

I know, I know. I'm in class the majority of this week, along with working my shifts, so don't expect too much from me.

So far, we've covered time sheets, incident reports, PCR reviewing, and more. It hasn't really been any new news to me other than the PCR reviewing. I've been hurt at work so I've done the incident reports, and filled out my own time sheet while on light duty.

The worst part of going through this class for me is the way it's been drug out. 3 days, wait a month, 3 more days, another month's wait, then 4 days. I'd rather just get it all over with.

Of course, as we're on break today, a small city PD officer asked what class we're attending and made other small talk in the hallway. We were cutting up a bit and I made the comment about how *some* of the LT's talk a lot of smack about pulling over people, but have yet to do so, even when that person passes through constantly in their POV. He asked who, of course, and the LT standing beside him had a huge grin on his face and said I was talking about him.

A couple weeks ago, I responded to a MVC in a major intersection. There weren't any injuries- just soreness, I had already thrown out zipzorb on the spilled oil, the wrecker was loaded, and we'd reopened 2 of the 3 northbound lanes. After the LT explained the cites to the at-fault driver and got his signatures, we were cutting up a little bit before everyone onscene went their own ways.

LT and I had fun ribbing each other about everything from the cameras in his car, to me living so close and never being stopped by him or his guys.

He threatened to come by the station and stake out my car so he could catch me on my way home one morning. Being the smartass I am, I told him to bring it on.

We got our giggles and soon parted ways. He still hasn't caught me (not that I'd give him a reason to).

Back to today's conversation... I again told him to bring it on, and that I'm still waiting.

As we were going back into our respective classrooms, he said he's gonna get me, he'll let me go, but he's gonna get me.

Bring it on my friend, bring it on.


The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

It sounds like your having way to much fun!

Firelady said...

I'm just trying to make the best of it.