Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo proof

A couple of pictures from the class, as promised.

This one was an absolute blast. We were put into a bullet-proof vest (normal cop type, not ceramic plates), a MOLLE vest, and another vest, masked, and blindfolded. We were given an M4 airsoft rifle, and then timed as we negotiated a maze that'd make any fire academy proud.

After locating our medical supplies in the maze, we had to climb into the box and intubate the patient. This would be when the picture was taken.

This picture was taken earlier in the week while learning new ways to cover open ground while approaching a building.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Remind me not to piss YOU off!!! Glad you enjoyed the class.

Firelady said...

I'm harmless.........mostly.

Hydrant girl said...


Sean said...

Looks fun! Sorry I don't have any good pictures of my little trip yet, but may be able to get some soon.

Thanks for sharing them with us all.

Sandra G. said...

Sounds like a great course - trying to intubate someone blindfolded? Yikes!

Firelady said...

@ Sandra G.
Blindfolded isn't that bad since it was a combitube, you just cram it in. The problem was that we had to lay on a level above the dummy and in order to reach, we had to hang off a ledge upside-down. Especially difficult to reach to feel for chest rise. The longer you took, the harder it got with all the blood in your head.

It was still a blast though.

Sandra G. said...

Wow...I'm really glad there are people like you who can do this. I'll stick to chasing bad guys with my K9.

Just tonight I saw a nasty wound as a result of a fight between two friends and got the heebie-jeebies...I cannot imagine trying to intubate someone or start an IV!