Friday, July 24, 2009

Class Completed

Another class has come and gone. Once again, I'm sore, bruised, worn out, and lovin' it.

I won't go into too much detail, but I will ALWAYS recommend this course to anyone acting as a tactical medic, or anyone on a swat team. You will learn the intubation, IV, and suturing skills(and more), but you will also learn movements and practice some other things.

I don't have an exact count, but I took a few airsoft rounds, and have some nasty bruises from some of them. I have scrapes all over from getting tangled in thorns this morning during a scenario. My abs are so freakin sore from trying to cross a river on a rope with only a harness and a carabiner (no pulley's here, unfortunately). I'm gonna crash hard as soon as I finish writing this.

It'll be a few days at least, but as soon as I get the pictures, I'll toss up a couple. The stuff we got into was too much fun not to share at least part of.

The class was geared towards making us better so we can help out and step up as adjunct instructors. It was also trying out a new format and new set of scenarios and rules for future classes. Everything seemed pretty successful.

The first 3 days of class were early morning until late night. Thursday started at 10am, and finished Friday around 7am. A few of us went to eat afterwards. I was home, in bed, asleep, by 10am. I woke up shortly after 5.

By the way, any police officers or firefighters out there with a K9 that can track want to come to the class to help on one of the days? Your K9 will get to track at least 1 person and we promise a challenge.

Email me for more info on the class or if your K9 tracks and you're interested.

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