Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway Trip

I'm a slacker, I know. Here's a couple of pictures from my trip last weekend.

This one was taken at the Tanbark Ridge Overlook, obviously. It had started to rain, so we stopped to put on rain gear. Or just a jacket in my case (I'd grabbed the wrong pants and they're a couple sizes too small). I snapped the picture just before hopping back on the bike and leaving.

This one was taken on the way up, at the Richland Balsam Mountain Overlook. It's the highest point on the entire 469 mile parkway. With a backdrop like that, I can only wish I had a better camera.

Motorcop and your hearts out!

In case you're wondering about the bag strapped onto the back seat, I decided to pack everything into the bag and not in the saddlebags. The reasoning was that it'd be easier to carry my clothes and all into the hotel. It worked out great.

On the way home I crammed everything into the bags though, bad weather was in our forecast.

When we first hit the road, it was nice out. The longer we rode, we got into the clouds, literally. I was a bit worried, I'll admit it. I was following fairly close behind my dad and visibility was around 100'.

After 45 minutes in the clouds, I was more than excited to be out of them after passing through another tunnel.

We stopped at Mount Piscah for lunch. The view! Holy hell it was awesome!! Apparently, I lost a highway peg somewhere between Little Switzerland and Mount Piscah, because that sucker was GONE when we got ready to leave. Oh well, it was loose before and I guess I didn't get it tight enough after all. I've already got the new pegs, skulls. The bike has skulls all over, both in actual HD parts, and all over the paint job.

The only problem I had on the trip, other than a severe case of numb-butt while racing bad weather home, was a HUA driver less than 3 miles from home.

I'm cruising along, feet propped up on top of the crash bars. This charger (I think) wanted to change into our lane from the left, but me and dad were too far along for him to get over. So he tries to come into the lane directly alongside me. I held my lane and opened the throttle a bit more to help him get the idea that he wasn't gonna fit ahead of or with me.

He slowed down just enough to not hit me as he got behind me, then changed to the lane to my right and was quite obviously cussing me out, and my dad once he was alongside him, all the while with his window down.

Not that I could hear him over my own pipes.

He took an exit ramp and as I looked over, he was still cussing me out. I try not to let road rage get to me, but when he flipped me off I couldn't help but do the first thing that came to mind.

It's so much more fun to signal to someone that they're a retard than to flip them off. Sticking your tongue out works too. It's such a silly move and their responses vary from shock to fury.

Acting a fool in traffic (especially around motorcycles) is such an idiotic and childish move, it's not even worthy of a middle finger.

Of course, don't get me started on the HUA crotch-rocket bikers. I can think of a few I'd love to strangle.

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Hydrant girl said...

Awesome that you can do that with your dad!