Friday, May 15, 2009

Spreading the Love

I know I usually only gripe about work on here, or some other assanine thing. Today, I have a non-work related post so bear with me.

Abuse manifests in many different ways, not only physical. Some people have the unfortunate experience of verbal/mental abuse as well.

Some people fall victim to this abuse and end their life, while others simply tolerate it. Some realize what's happening early on and get out of the situation. Then, there are a few who stay around for whatever reason, for an undetermined amount of time, before finally leaving.

Those people have 2 options after leaving: blunder through life as a shadow of their former self, or become stronger for what they have endured. Out of the strong ones, a few choose to relay their story to others, hoping to get some closure or even open another victim's eyes to their situation.

This lady is one of the ones who has become stronger and has moved on to a much better life.

I don't ask much of you guys, and I'm glad to have readers...So how about helping me spread the love by visiting the blog/future book of a wonderful woman, who spent many years surviving hell?

I'd appreciate it muchly.

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T. Bettencourt said...

Firelady, you are awesome. Thank you for your words! I am only strong enough to transcribe my journals... Thru my family and friends (including my blogging friends).

My desire... To empower all women that they are all worth love!

Hmmm.. I'm a lady?? Hee hee!!