Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'd choke you with that stethoscope, but you might like it

First of all, I want to welcome and say thanks to my newest followers.

I've been out of town over a long weekend for a convention, so sorry for the lack of posts. The convention was 100% unrelated to work, and I had a lot of fun just hanging out with my friends and being silly. We did have a couple of military personnel present, and they put on a beautiful inpromptu flag-folding ceremony on Sunday morning.

Back at work, we went almost the entire shift without any calls. We did run 1 call shortly after dinner.

Lady is shopping at the local hobby store and accidently dropped a glass bowl. She said she didn't even realize it'd hit her foot until she felt the warmth of her blood after a few steps.

When we arrived, store personnel were with her and had unrolled quite a bit of papertowels and were trying to stop the blood loss. We took over and I put a nice stack of 4x4's over the wound and wrapped it with both some cling and an ace bandage before propping her foot up as best we could.

With no other transportation (not letting her drive), we called for a transport unit. The glass had gotten deep enough into the top of her foot to cut a vein and she needed to see a Dr for it.

She was very nice, although extremely worried, so we told her that as long as we weren't running around like idiots, she'd be ok. She seemed to relax a bit and was enjoying watching us picking on each other.

Our ambulance arrived and were filled in on the story. One of the guys loves picking on me (I pick back) and immediately started in as soon as he saw me. The title of this post was one of my comments to him, and it got a hearty laugh. We got a couple of good giggles as we helped the lady onto their stretcher, and said our goodbyes.

Back in quarters, the driver asked me to walk him through our PCR program. It took a while as he's very slow with typing, but we got it done. I don't think he has much grasp of the SOTC format for the narrative, but we can certainly work on that.

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