Saturday, May 16, 2009

Horse Troubles

Another non-work related blog, 2 for 2, sorry guys and gals. I'll keep it short.

Tried to go ride my horse this afternoon. He was doing ok, we'd gone on the trails and I had a friend along on another horse.

Normally, if a horse spooks and is going to buck, you can feel and see it coming. Not this time.

Out of nowhere butthead threw his head down and his ass up. I remember seeing his face in mine, as I was upside-down in mid air. My friend heard the clatter and turned around in time to see me hit the ground, and bounce.

When I got to my feet and grabbed butthead's reigns, he stuck his head out and lipped at me like he might try to nibble. I hate to admit it, but I slapped him square in the face. It's a bad habit he's picked up, I wasn't in the mood for it, and boppin him is the only way I've ever been told to break habits like that.

Anyways, I was and still am, pissed off royally. I tried to call the lady I board him with and when I finally got to talk to her, she was beyond rude with me. I've paid this woman $8,505 over 23 months to keep my horse, but 30 seconds of her time over the phone is apparently too much to ask.

I ended the conversation by just saying "I'm done" over and over. She wants him out of there soon, and so do I. BUT, I reminded her I've already paid for 14 more days of board with her. My plan is to find a new home ASAP and get him the hell out of dodge. I just need to find a place I can afford.

My only problem will be finding what they've done with all my tack. I keep my grooming kit and treats here at home, but the only things I saw out there were his nylon halter, english saddlepad, and my western saddle/ saddlepad. The saddle cover is missing (WTF??), and I have no clue what they've done with his nice leather halter, nylon clipon reigns, both of his bridles, or the bit I had. They will either find it all or replace it - no if's, and's, or but's about it.

And shame on me for not having our agreement in writing, because they're reniged on some things and I have nothing I can do about it. A mistake I won't make again.

Now, excuse me while I go dose myself up on tylenol or something. It's bad enough to hurt from the fall, but I have a killer headache from stressing out.


The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

OMGosh!!! 1. Are you ok? 2. I would rather put the horse in my back yard till I found a place then take her back to that woman!! Even if it was against code.

I have apples... can ship?

Firelady said...

I'm ok, still a bit sore, but the bruises are fading and I'm doing much better. I'm too close to the big city to have enough back yard for him. Well, I have the land, but it's overrun with kudzu, there's copperhead snakes, and GA power has right-of-way so no permanent fences or anything are allowed.

I have a huge box of treats for him, peppermint flavored, apple flavored, and sugar cubes. He's my first horse so I try to spoil him a little.