Friday, May 15, 2009

Boring times

Work has been 99% boring lately, hence my lack of posting.

It's driving me batshit-crazy (for lack of a better term) to be at such a slow station. We ran 1 call in 24 hours. I'm used to running between 8 and 14 calls. I usually wake up a couple times during the course of the night.

The only thing I'm still torn about is the dogs. I still really would love to get on the team. I helped yesterday and this morning with some training. I usually try to be around for training because at some point, I will have a dog (even just as a pet) and I want to have some kind of idea how to train the pup for agility and more in-depth obedience.

This morning, the on-coming captain asked me when I was getting my dog. I wish I could've had a different answer for him.

It's been 7 months since I was moved to my current station. I've been told I wasn't going to be there long, so not to worry about trying to get a dog. I don't think it'd be fair to the animal to sit at home while I work my 24 hour shift. I KNOW I can't trust my roommate not to undo anything I would work on with the dog.

Every month, I'm told my name will be on the next transfer list. Every month, I'm still here.

My career is at a standstill right now and I'm sick and tired of it. I've written another letter to have a meeting with 2 of the big chiefs. My first meeting was 3 months ago and nothing has happened. It was over 2 months from the date I wrote the first request, until I finally had the meeting that I'd requested be ASAP.

Let's see how long it takes this time.

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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Stick with it!! You'll get it! You deserve it! We have a dog.. My officer came with a sweetie dog. He left for tranning a few years back.. I called him saying, I think I broke your dog! (She stopped listening to me totally!!)

I didn't know, if you spoiled them, they wouldn't listen to you. Poor thing - I really confused her!