Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dog attacks

One of my dogs was attacked by a pit bull a couple weeks ago. She developed a bad infection (even with antibiotics) and had to have a couple drains placed and become a cone head for a week. Her drains are now out and she's healing great. Next week, we take her back to see if she's good to go to have her torn right ACL repaired. It was also torn during the attack.

Eventually, we plan to take the pit bull's owner to court for vet bills...Well, let me rephrase, if he doesn't skip town we're going to try.

More about this later, I'm at work and duty calls.


PmH said...

well i;d say if a pit bull gets in the way of saving human life a .45 caliber should level the playing field quickly - especially if fired a close range into the skull of the recalcitrant beast. I haven;t tried it it but bet it beats a 9mm fired into a rabid dog.

PmH said...

the 9mm is a respectable caliber but not all crazy animals are smart enough to understand this

Firelady said...

The 9mm can be a very respectable round, it's all about shot placement. Besides, I don't care if it's a .22 or a .45, as long as it works (remember shot placement).