Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4 calls to blog about

We went to a house fire that was room & contents. My energy was gone in about 2 minutes. Holy crap I didn't realize I was weakened that much from being sick (got sent home sick the shift before). I did my best to pull some sheetrock, then just stood around with everyone once we finished tearing stuff up. The fire was pretty much out as we arrived, so it was time to put away hoses about 30 minutes after we got there.

Then, we responded to a 13yo that was wrestling around with his mother. She simply stated "he has mood problems, shut the door, he'll run." Apparently, the kid is known to local PD, the officer was familiar with the kid's story. Kid's dad is in jail and mom says he wants nothing more than to be with him. Kinda feel sorry for him, until he swiped my partner's phone. When we first got there, mom was sitting on him on the steps just inside the house. My partner grabbed the kid's wrists and made him sit near the sofa. We ended up wrestling a tiny bit with the kid, and eventually left the scene to PD.

We ran a few other not so interesting calls throughout the day. Overnight, we ran 2 that were just, wow.

The first was in a house that I swear had a drug-growing operation. The smell of marijuana almost slapped you hard enough to leave a mark when they opened the door. I could see a pile of it as big as both of my hands in another room. There was 1 room that was blocked off, and from outside, the windows had a blueish glow....blacklight. I've already notified the local PD's narcotics division and plan to work with them in any way possible.

The other call, I felt for the person. Local streetwalker (aka hooker) was raped, beaten, and left naked and semi-conscious in 40-something degree weather. She looked to be about 40, had a nasty black eye, and was really skinny. I'm thinking she may not be able to afford food on a regular basis. The one thing that may make her case, is that the f*cktard who did this to her, left the used condom at the scene.

All in all, it was a long shift and we didn't get much sleep. In fact, the truck I was on usually takes the medical calls for the engine. In the wee hours of the morning, they took one of our calls, to give us a break. I never loved those guys so much as in that moment. I still came home and napped for 5 hours. It may not have hit me so hard if I wasn't sick, but I have been, and have 5 1/2 days left of medicine to take.

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