Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tree on 2 houses and a car

Our first call of the day, shortly after lunch. The house on the left is currently empty. The car suffered some damage from the tree, but the carport took the brunt of the damage. The house on the right only had 1 person home when the tree fell. You can't see it in the picture, but they had a metal roof over the front porch area. We ended up taking the chainsaw and K-12 to the tree and roof, respectively. The front door was the only means of entrance/egress so we had to do something.

Oh yeah...and I was driving the engine...whoohooo!!!!!!!!

I finally made it down to see this handsome guy today. He's doing so good right now. The ferrier wasn't trimming his feet correctly so there's a new(to us) ferrier. He trimmed the toe down a lot and put eggbar shoes on Leo to support and encourage his heels to grow. The other guy had let the toe get long to the point where the heel had slowed growing and since the toe was so long, it forced everything into weird angles. Thankfully, Leo turns 5 this month, since he's young there shouldn't be any permanent damage...I hope.
And in other news, that pit bull that attacked my dog went after a human yesterday while I was at work. The guy's hand was pretty ugly from what I was told. The dog is at the pound right now, and our court date is in 3 weeks.
Currently, the bills from my dog's injuries are totalled over $4,000. I'm not sure how much the ACL surgery will cost. Not that we expect the pit's owner to pay a single penny, it's just the principal of the whole thing right now. He's never once apologized, not for either attack on my 2 dogs, or yesterday. All 3 times his dog was off-leash, and off his property. The 2 most recent times, they didn't know the dog had even escaped.

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