Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tornado hits Atlanta

Last night downtown Atlanta was hit by a tornado. So far, there are 30 injuries, 0 fatalities. I can only imagine how much worse it would've been if the SEC game had let out. Thank God for small miracles.

Many buildings have major damage, everything from blown windows to flooding to the roof being ripped off or collapsing.

GSAR was mobilized last night, not long after the storm hit. I believe GEMA and FEMA are also in Atlanta assessing the damage and helping to clean up.

Grady Memorial Hospital, Metro Atlanta's only level 1 trauma center, sustained damage also. Ambulances were diverted thanks to the damage both to the building and the surrounding area. Power poles, trees, and debris prevented units from reaching the hospital. I haven't heard what time they cleared enough damage to reopen for ambulances, but I would think it was a priority and should be open by now.

All traumas were sent to Atlanta Medical Center, just a few blocks away. AMC is a level 2 facility and the only other trauma facility inside the perimeter. There was massive damage all around AMC, but I haven't heard of any damage to the hospital itself.

It was a night from hell, the storms were wild. I was a little worried, but I'm also slightly freaked out by lightening if I'm not inside a building.
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