Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not sure what to think

I'm just not sure what to really think about this one, but I'm not happy. If I was, would you be reading this? Probably not.

Remember my comments in other posts about not liking being around other females at work? Usually, it's because they're sorry, lazy-ass, weak, drama-whores. This time, I'm just not sure about her.

As I was heading home from work the other day, the other shift's female started playing 20 questions with me. We were standing in the main office, surrounded by everyone else.

The basic gist of her questions were things like "do you like fighting fire", "are you scared of fire", etc.

Honestly, it put me on the defensive, and it pissed me off that she would think she even needed to ask these things, much less in front of a bunch of guys. The questions and look on her face made me feel as though I was being accused of something.

Not quite 2 weeks ago, she pulled me into the women's bathroom to tell me that if my guys were harassing me, to tell her and she'd take care of them.

Seriously? What the hell?!

I can take care of myself. I have the thick skin needed to deal with the jokes, and with the snide comments of the few women-haters in the department. *If* I ever have a big enough issue with someone that it can't be resolved, my first move will be to speak with my captain, or battalion chief. I'm not going to go running to her, that seems so ridiculously childish.

I'm hoping she means well, but her approach is absolutely horrible. All she's accomplished is making me wary of her (while I try to figure out her motives), and even more against working with other females regularly.

She's not even on my shift, so why should she even give a damn?


Hotflash said...

That definitely sounds like she's up to no good. Be careful. Sounds like she is undermining you amongst your peers and in that way is more of a threat than any of the few women haters in the department would be. I would not want to let something like that ride out too long before taking action. Good luck with it.
Women are so much harder to work with than men!

911 and the Randomness.. said...

No advice other then watch out and good luck!! I also have a hard time working with women, so you're not alone!!