Sunday, December 20, 2009

Many things

Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. It was supposed to continue raining off and on, but it stayed dry and ended up beating the predicted high by reaching a balmy 44. I was prepared for it to stay in the 30's, but that's ok.

Most of the calls we ran weren't very interesting, save for a late-night severe CHF patient. Her O2 sats were 71% on arrival. We hooked her up to the CPAP and she also received some medications both onscene and enroute to the hospital.

Christmas is coming, and I've still got to hunt down and buy 50% of my gifts for folks. At work, we've decided to do a potluck for Christmas day. I volunteered for dessert type stuff since I don't know how to cook many side-items and can bake everything at home beforehand. I'm all about staying out of the kitchen and relaxing when I can cook it at home and not even have to worry about reheating anything.

I do need to decide what to make and gather the supplies though. I'm definately thinking some kind of cookies, as well as brownies. I'm not big on making cakes or pies though, so they'll have to buy them if they want them.

The basement here on the homefront is drying out, slowly but surely. I've got 2 fans down there moving air constantly. The problem will be waiting on the ground outside to dry out enough to dig up the french drain, and hoping it won't rain anymore.

Enough of a break I suppose, time to get back to my arts 'n crafts. I'm determined to get this project finished by christmas eve.

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