Friday, December 18, 2009

On the home front

Not related to work, but I'm stressed, therefore, I post!

It's friggin freezing outside! It's 37*, but with a 16mph wind, it feel like it's 26*. It also doesn't help that it's raining.

I've spent valuable time with the 16gal shop vac today, removing water from my basement. So far, I've probably removed at least 80 gallons and I'm nowhere near done yet. The damage is immense. The only good thing is that last time this happened (although not nearly as severe), we put almost everything in plastic bins, on shelves, or somehow a few inches off the floor.

This time, the water has filled the finished room, and moved to where the motorcycles are parked.

The deepest point of water is nearly 2".

What we suspect is the real issue, is that I need new gutters, and especially need to dig up and replace where the gutter downspout routes water past the house. The craptastic 40 year old plastic corregated pipe is probably shot.

I've also had to put a plastic dropcloth on my back deck and pin it down with pots and paint cans. The water overflows a weak spot in the gutter and dumps through the porch, and onto my AC unit...which is currently frozen rock solid.

Just one of those days where I'd rather be at work than dealing with this crap.

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The Grumpy Dispatcher said...

What, flooding? Maybe we should call 911 for that!

Oh.... wait. Never mind.

Bah, if you'd been at the house, karma might have dealt you a similar duty anyway.

Sorry though, what a pain in the yahoo, dealing with drainage stuff. Good luck!