Sunday, November 29, 2009

100th Post

100 posts to this blog, so what should I talk about? How about the idiocy that often makes up the runs on my shift, and the good stuff that's sprinkled around?

Here's an idiot call to get us started.

I spotted this grafitti a few weeks ago and took the picture, knowing that sooner or later, I'd get the chance to use it. I'm suprised I had to wait this long.

Early 20's black male was laying on the curb, surrounded by 2 cops, wearing a wifebeater and boxers. His pants nearly to his ankles. It was pretty damn chilly out when this happened too.

There's the strong smell of puked-up booze, and it's obvious his body was pissed at the amount of alcohol it contained and tried to fight back. The officers were wearing gloves, and had stuffed the guy's ID, phone, etc, into a glove because it was all covered in vomit.

The guy's friends rolled up and tried their damndest to pull drunk guy to his feet and shove him into their car. They wanted to take him home to momma for her to deal with, afraid he was going to jail. Idiots, he already had the ticket in his pocket and wasn't under arrest. Our jail nurses would've refused him anyways, they refuse hangnails.

Finally, everyone gave up and we were able to drag him out and onto the stretcher. As we were putting on the seatbelts, drunk guy ripped one, right in my seatman's face. I looked up, then thought about laughing, and then I smelled it. I had to back off immediately. So help me god, that was the worst fart that's ever terrorized my senses.

A BLS crew requested us out for ALS. Their patient had thrown up, and was starting to slip in and out of consciousness.

As soon as we arrived, we helped them move her to the stretcher and get her loaded. The monitor and drug box were loaded into the ambulance from our truck, and after a quick set of vitals, they took off.

The patient was complaining of a really bad headache. She didn't look like she was feeling good. It turns out, she had a massive brain bleed. If she survives this, she'll probably be a vegetable the rest of her life.

It always makes you think. This person was talking to us onscene, even if we had to get her attention, she was talking to us. Those may have been the last words she'll ever speak.
As for some good stuff, first and foremost........

Georgia beat Georgia Tech!!!

I'll give both teams credit, it was a helluva game. It was definately a runner's game, with UGA running over 300 yards.

In other news, I got to spend some time in the mountains recently. 2 friends came back to GA for their families to throw them a baby shower. She's 7 months along now, and I haven't seen her in 6 months, so it was great to see how much she's grown.

Me and her hubby had fun geeking out with our guns in the back yard.

Ahhh, the joys of being in an area where shooting in your backyard is perfectly legal.

Every orange spot in the trees is a clay target. Since there are other houses nearby, we set targets at the base of trees, on stumps, or on knots where limbs were.

I grabbed my .223 and my buddy grabbed his .22 rifle. After the first couple of shots, her dad joined us on the deck with his 38 revolver. But, he wanted to fire my rifle. I only had a couple rounds left in the magazine, so I handed it to him, making sure he knew where the safety was, etc.

His first shot was way off, as was his 2nd. So, he turns to me and immediately complains about how I need to sight my rifle in.

How about no. Does that work for you? Oh, too bad.

It's my rifle, it's sighted in for the way I shoot. Get over it.

As far as silly news goes.

You've never had fun until you've played christmas carols with the airhorn while responding to a call.

I was laughing, the seatman had a silly grin on his face, and the driver was oblivious.
All in all, we were up almost all night. I came home and went to bed.

I swear, somewhere, somehow, somebody at dispatch managed to sneak those pressure sensors back into our beds. As soon as we layed down, we got right back up for another call. It happened twice in a row.

We ran more calls after midnight, than before midnight. Everyone was beat.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Congrats on your 100th. Well done.

Jean said...

a word on brain bleeding- it is possible to survive such. About 12 hours from onset, anigogram showed bit bigger than quarter (25 cents) in size of blood pool inside my brain. Is that moderate or severe? I don't know. How much bigger was it soon after it sprung a leak? We'll never know. Next time we know to call 911 immediately instead of trying to sleep it off first. It was worst headache I EVER had, enough to make me vomit! I recovered and raring to go home at end of third day of hospital stay but doctor said to wait until at least 6th day to be sure. I was able to communicate whenever I was awake. Today, I'm as normal as ever!!

Anonymous said...

As a driver-in-training for our volunteer rescue squad, I can see myself getting in trouble REALLY quickly doing the Christmas carol on airhorn trick.

The Grumpy Dispatcher said...

Oh, why oh why didn't I think of that before? I'm going to play a carol or two on my next run. That is just too goofy to NOT do. Besides, my favorite Big Red Truck has a wreath on the front, so we're already in the spirit, right? Thanks for that.