Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another new beginning

Like I said before, sorry for the hiatus. On to the fun stuff!

After exactly 1 year to the day, I started working in a new (to me, at least) station at work. I'm back in the busier area, and even though I already miss those I worked with for the last year, I'm content.

My first shift was spent riding tailboard on the engine. It was a Sunday, and thankfully it was slow for us. My only reason for saying this is because I've been sick. We only ran a handfull of calls, and most of us relaxed once the daily chores were completed.

At night, we were sent to an apartment fire that turned out to be just a car fire. I was excited to have anything actually burning. I had all my gear on and just had to put my mask and gloves on once we got onscene. Another engine that had 2 brand new rookies asked if they could come play, so I didn't really do too much. The engine was acting up and having issues engaging the pump anyways.

Once the rookies arrived (and de-nutted enough to remember how to get all their gear on), I handed over the nozzle and helped direct them a bit. They did great backing each other on the line, and swapped out so they both had plenty of nozzle time.

They put away the trash line used for the fire, and while the tank was refilling from the hydrant, put the line away again. This time, so it would actually fit in the tray.

Some things don't work the same as what the academy teaches.

The last shift I worked, I was on the ambulance. We were up almost the entire 24 hour shift. We slept maybe 2-3 hours total. I came home and crawled into bed after putting some food in my belly, and slept for 8 or so hours.

No guarantees on catching up on the entries I've missed reading over the last month. So for those that follw me back, don't be suprised to get random comments on old posts over the next few days.

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The Grumpy Dispatcher said...

Am glad to hear you guys go out of your way to let the probies play and learn street vs. book in fairly low-risk situations.

Too many places where they are forced to only watch until they are really needed... and then they aren't prepared.

Good to have you back.