Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a rant

I'm so tired of the BS.

Why am I always being told last minute that my days are cancelled. It doesn't matter if it's class or vacation. Is there no way to figure this stuff out and tell me more than 10 days before?!

I understand we didn't have enough folks to spare to let me take an "onduty" class while onduty. I scrambled and busted my ass working 48 hour shifts to make it. Not once, but twice. I had 5 days notice on the first one, and a couple weeks on the 2nd.

I really appreciated being able to be onduty for the 3rd part, even if I was told to work the remainder of a shift I'd previously been told I'd have off. The "freebie" day off the following weekend was great I guess.

I still don't understand why I haven't been transferred yet. I've gone pretty dang far up the chain of command, twice, and was shot down both times. Every transfer list since is nothing more than a slap in the face. I'm afraid to ask again for fear of ego's preventing a transfer as retrubution or something.

I want to run the calls and get the training, I've practically been begging to run the calls and get the experience to match my training, why not move me somewhere I can? God knows we have enough lazy-asses that'd love to be where I am.

I'm beyond sick and tired of being told that I don't have money problems because I don't have kids. Seriously, did I miss a memo or something? Because last time I checked, I'm worse off than a lot of other guys at work right now. At least they have a spouse to help with the bills. Oh, and I'm sorry, but since I don't drink coffee, read the paper, watch TV, or use any of the condiments, I could care less about paying our ridiculously high station dues right now! I have more pending issues, like, oh I dunno, the power bill at my own damn house?! I've already cut out everything else I can, and am even looking into turning in the tag and suspending the insurance on my beloved harley.

Yeah, so, if you just suffered through my lil rant, I'm sorry. This has been building up for a long time now, since November in fact. Recent events have brought it to a boiling point within me and I need an outlet.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm stuck in a dead-end at the FD. I want to love my job again, I really do, but right now, I'm just sick of all the BS.

I just don't know what to do anymore.


Hydrant girl said...

Sorry to hear.... don't do it to the bike. You'll need a way to "get away from it all".

Don't you love how people figure you can buy whatever, cause you don't have kids? So I may not have another mouth to feed or school supplies to buy, but I've gotta keep a house and car like the rest of you.

Julie said...

just found your blog by the way of and i'm sorry to hear that things are so crappy for you right now.

hope you find a solution ...