Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm such a brat

Short, non-work related story.

We all know cops and firefighters have a light-hearted rivalry going. Always have, always will. We pick at each other and crack jokes, but we will have the other's back, no matter what.

A few days ago, I spent the night at a friend's house. Her hubby is an officer, and fellow harley enthusiast.

On my way home the next day, he was onduty, and I knew I'd be passing through his territory. Sure enough, I spotted his car parked off the road from quite a distance away.

Now, I'd NEVER suggest the following if you aren't 150% positive you have the right officer and they're not in a bad mood.

As I approached, I was going about 42mph in the 35 zone. I could see the brake lights come on, so I suspected he knew it was me, or was at least ready if it was. As I passed in front of his patrol car, I flipped him off while, of course, grinning like a fool, then wrapped the throttle on the bike and took off. I doubt I was going too much over 50 when I let off for the stop sign.

As expected, he'd pulled out behind me and caught up, then lit me up. I looked back over my shoulder laughing, and he turned off to go back to his (not so stealth-mode) hidey-hole.

Later, talking to his wife, she said he'd probably have gotten his feelings hurt if I hadn't shot away from him like I did. We'd been joking quite a bit the night before about "blue canaries", "hosedraggers", and more.

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