Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Singing AS the Lord??

A few months ago, we were called out to assist PD with a 10-13. Keep in mind, 10-13 is the number assigned to the form used to do a mandantory psych. eval. here.

We arrive on scene and learn that PD has been there nearing 90 minutes. Car 1310 has also been there a while (1310 is the car with a cop and nurse, s/he can "ok" the 10-13...aren't we original with numbers?).

Standing in the front yard and surrounded by 5 cops is a big guy, maybe 6' and weighing 300 lbs. His left arm is bandaged up from the wrist to the shoulder, supposedly he was shot not long ago. The family swears he's never had any mental problems, but they think he took all his painkillers at once. The guy is ranting and raving, not about doing the Lord's bidding, but that he IS the Lord.

We walk up and Mr. Emergency himself introduces himself. The guy responds by repeating his name, then spelling it. Mr. E. asks the patient his name, which he gives, then spells, then does the same with his address. At this point, we're all in WTF mode.

Then he started singing.

He was convinced that he died and became the Lord. He was doing his damndest to preach to us, it really was quite entertaining.

For about 15-20 minutes, we played by his rules. Then Mr. E and the rest of us got tired of it. We asked him nicely in as many ways as we could to get on the stretcher. He was at the point he'd sit on it, but when we tried to help him put his feet up, he got pissed and said we'd have to start over again. We messed it all up. WTF???

Each of the officers has had either their spray or ASP in their hands the entire time. I was staying out of the way of the bigger guys on my crew. I don't really have the intimidation factor unless I'm fussing at you, and that wasn't needed at all. The last time the guy got off the stretcher, he wouldn't sit back down.

And then he charged me.

I just happened to be pinned between a tree and the stretcher. Honestly, I jumped and ducked as close to the tree as I could. He ran past to the other part of the yard. **whew**

He picked up a wrought-iron chair and was spinning around, swinging it with his good arm. We sat back and let PD handle it now. I thought they would wait and he'd fall over, but no. He stopped spinning for a moment and the biggest of the cops was on him in a flash. With one arm around him in a chokehold and the other cops moving in fast, they all went to the ground. The guy immediately gave up the fight, even saying "I'm done, I'll be good now."

We strapped his happy lil ass to a backboard and onto the stretcher. Once in the truck, he was a perfect angel, and even started singing for us again. Needless to say, he got a big ol' dose of Haldol.

I was ribbed about ducking out of the way, but nobody blamed me. They didn't even have an answer when I asked what they would have done. I was the smallest person there, what exactly did they want me to do?

The 1310 nurse finished filling out the 10-13 form and handed it off to our ambulance crew. I think he even called the hospital for them.

We thought the guy may have been acting weird from sepsis or some other infection, but his temperature and other vitals were in the normal range. I never did hear anything more about the guy so I guess all is well now.


The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

rofl!!! Sorry! They can be so entertaining can't they? Thank goodness you were ok!

Firelady said...

Oh it was definately funny after-the-fact. The singing was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Like Harleys? You'll love this!

FireMidget said...

Nice!!!! that was one of the most awesome stories I have ever heard!

I had a pt who was hearing voices turn and look at me. He then said, "The voices don't like you" then turned away.

Yeah, that was a fun ride...