Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun times ahead

Friday night I'll be doing a ride along with Lil-city PD. I don't have a clue who I'll be riding with, but I'm hoping it'll be a SWAT officer. They've only had 1 training event since I joined and it was too short of notice to get my shift covered for the couple hours needed. Because of that, I have yet to meet any of the guys. I'm still really excited about it, if nothing else I'll cross paths with a couple at roll call and maybe on calls.

It's been a few years since I've ridden with PD. The last time I did, I was helping spot traffic violations during slow(er) moments. It got to the point the officer laughed, handed me the ticket book and a list of the codes to be used, and said "here, have fun." The best part was getting to write "in custody" on the signature line.

I was very good last time. I stayed in the car on traffic stops until the officer motioned it was ok, and then I still stayed far out of the way. On domestics and other calls, I babysat the door pretty much. Just because god knows what stupid people will do, and me without my gun! Lil-city PD has cameras in the cars I believe, so I may be privvy to all the audio if I stay put. I'm honestly not sure yet.

For a little city, Lil-city PD definately has their stuff together, SWAT team, multiple K-9's, traffic units, CID, etc. Their signals and codes are different than what I'm used to, so I'll need a lil help in that aspect, but at least I'm used to listening to a radio. They've got a bunch of toys in their cars and on their belts, so I'm sure we'll play traffic nazi or find something to get into if not on a call. Those guys are always stopping on other unit's calls and traffic stops even when not needed.

I suppose I should bring some kind of lunch, since it's an overnight shift and almost everything will be closed.

Is it Friday yet?



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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Nothing better then a great ride along!!! I hope you see a lot of great action... from out of the car that is! Tell us all about it!