Friday, January 23, 2009

One more thing...offtopic

Forgot to mention, I discovered the blog Laginappe's Lair last night and stayed up way too damn late reading it. It's just got too much interesting information and too many cool excursions in there. Not to mention a German Shepherd who's "dog food provider" seems to be a neat guy. He flys, dives, hikes, loves his gun collection, and more, all while on 1 foot.

Hey Laginappe's "dad", if you're reading this, I salute you.

As I was reading last night, more than once it was mentioned about laying in a hammock, tossing back a few cold ones. I dunno about the cold ones (not in the mood right now), but it put the bug in my head to break out my hammock and a Dr. Pepper. Especially after trying to run.

I'm a lot closer to the city than I'd care to admit, but at least I have a yard. My house is on a bit of a hill too, so I look out the front and see the trees in the lower part of my neighbor's yard (those houses are above mine, so I can't really see them). Behind my house are power lines and a hill, so I get to look over the houses of those on the street behind mine.

I don't really want to move, and can't afford to right now, but I'd eventually be perfectly content with a big enough piece of land so I could keep my horse at home. Having some type of trails that won't ever be at risk of being developed would be nice to...but I do have a small side-by-side bumper-pull trailer if all else fails.

I digress...I'm still sitting here, watching the last bits of color from the sun before heading back inside. Currently the temperature is 62, with a 6mph wind. Now that the sun's gone, it's feels a lot colder. Hard to believe that just 3 days ago it was in the low 20's during the day. But still no snow! I want a good dusting, just enough to have a decent snowball fight in.

Looks like the sun is gone, and I'm getting chilled. Time to break it down and head back inside. I'm in a writing mood, so don't be suprised to see another post tonight.

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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

It sounds lovely! We are finally getting the rain we have so been praying for. It's all just wonderful!