Monday, December 8, 2008

Work lately hasn't been overly interesting. I'm in a new area and it's taking some time to get used to. New territory, new trucks, new crew, it's a different world. I was in my old station over 3 years and it was my home. I miss (some of) my crew the most. More than anything, I regret the timing of me being transfered. My crew was my family and I wanted to spend the holidays with them (considering I work thanksgiving and christmas eve this year).

So far, things are going good. Like I said, it's just taking a little getting use to.I *may* have found a swat team to get on with. They currently have 2 medics, but both are only trained cops, whereas I'm an EMT. I met their chief years ago and he's a great guy, takes care of his men and stands up for them. I need to call a Sgt sometime this week and see about meeting whoever I need to meet. Even if I don't get to work with these guys, maybe I can get my foot in the door enough to play bad guy whenever they need to train.

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