Monday, December 15, 2008

Imma jump in front da train!

Granted, it gets kinda cold here, but the day I'm talking about wasn't that cold. Maybe in the low-mid 40's.

As we're leaving the call of a 100 year old feeling sick (I would too at that age), we get sent to the transit station for a male down, chest pain.

We found him, along with 3 transit cops, in the bus loop. He initially admits he's been in the cold all day and just wants to get on the train or somewhere to warm up. We start talking with him more, trying to get the information needed for our paperwork. Meanwhile, the ambulance arrives and attempts to get a set of vitals.

When the medic goes to put the B/P cuff on the guy's arm, he made some smartassed comment about sitting in the truck where it's warm. The medic simply responded: "You've been out here for hours, what's 30 more seconds?"

I had to turn around, the 3 cops just started cracking up, and the pt tried to act like he was getting weak-kneed. It didn't work, and when he realized his act failed, he upped the anty.

"Put me on da train! Put me on da mutha-f***in train. Imma jump in front da train. Imma jump on da track in front da god-da*n mutha-f***in train!"

The cops, bless their hearts, started towards him to let him through the gates so he could access the train. I was just hoping he'd catch the 3rd rail so he'd actually have something to bitch about.

No, we didn't let him jump. *sighs*

We tried to help him onto the ambulance, and when he started being an even bigger pain, the other medic turned on her charm. They argued for a moment before we bailed.

The rest of the shift was uneventful, we even slept all night if I remember correctly.

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