Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SWAT news

I met with the Captain over Uniform Division for "Little City PD" this morning. I was in the interview with him for almost 2 hours. We spoke about everything from my experience as an EMT, to what was expected of their swatmedics.

Things went beyond well!

He is going to work on getting me very basic gear, mainly a flightsuit (their swat uniform). I have been invited to any, every, and all swat training, as well as riding along with the officers on patrol. They are still new to the idea of having medics, so they will get any piece of equipment I feel is necessary to do my job. They don't appear to have a trauma medical control, so I may need to find a doctor willing to help with this.

As I attend more training and get more comfortable with both the team members and my duties, I will eventually go up for a vote. All team members are unanimously voted onto the team, and majority rules to kick you off (unless you are taken off the team as punishment). The Captain seemed to think I will fit in very well since I'm used to being around a bunch of guys in the firehouse. I'll be their first female swat member.

Once on the team, since I'm also interested in the tactical aspect of things, I'll be sent to the police academy. After completing the academy and being released from FTO, I will be elligible to attend the full swat school. After another vote, I can become a full swat operator (as well as medic).

Dear God, help me, I'm sooooo excited!

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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Alright Good for you!!! Best wishes with it all!!!! How exciting!!