Sunday, December 21, 2008

Funny stuff on radio

Was listening to the car radio on the way to work a couple days ago. I have my favorite morning show that I always listen to. Lately, they've been giving each other lots of crap after their Christmas party. One of the guys was convinced to ride a horse, which he apparently has never done. Listening to them describe it had me nearly in tears.

Then they came up with a new description for morning rush hour, "beep n creep." They really hit the nail on the head.

Once at work, the funnies continued on our "real" radios. One unit had an open mic and you could hear them trying to sing with the radio. This was 2 guys mind you. Let's just say they certainly won't make american idol.

Later in the afternoon, a specialty unit was required to a scene but the crew assigned to that station was out on another call. There was a ladder already on the way to that station to cover the territory. Chief was obviously frustrated and finally told radio "there's a big red truck in that station and when XXX gets there, someone better bring me that big red truck."

We were all laughing....hard.

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FireMidget said...

I love the open mic times...often far better than when the boys are just frustrated at something!