Friday, January 8, 2010

A rare sight

Yup, that's what it looks like outside my bedroom.

I love the snow, but that may be because I don't see it very often. Of course, everyone in town has lost their damn minds. There was a 27 or 29 car pileup, and a deputy that spun out and the off-duty officer that stopped to help had to jump off a 20 ft high bridge when another car lost control and came at them. The news is saying they'll both be ok, but no idea about their actual injuries.

I just got back from heading to the bank to make a deposit and get food, and the roads look decent. I didn't have any issues, and the only ice I crossed was in the shopping center parking lot. A roughly 250' long stretch of road that was covered. I jut let the car idle forward and didn't have any problems. My backyard is another story though. It's 22*F now, and once the sun drops, it's going to freeze solid very quickly. The ice will be over 1" thick.

I'm praying for all the guys and gals that have to work in this junk.

I was evil this morning though. I was able to make ice cream from the snow. It was awesome, very tasty. If the snow doesn't get that crunchy layer of ice on it, I might make more in the morning. I have to get my fix while the snow lasts, because it may not snow for another year around here.

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