Monday, January 12, 2015

Anybody out there?

It's certainly been a while, hasn't it?

While I can't say I miss sitting down to try and write out stories to share, I do miss reading all the other blogs I've followed over the years. It's kind of amazing, looking around now, seeing who has gone silent, taken a hiatus, or made it big. I'll be continuing to play catch-up over the next few weeks and apologize if some of you start seeing my comments on older posts.

I just lost the muse. I'm not really certain if I'll ever get it back. I love sharing the stories from work but having to filter everything for the sake of anonymity gets tiring. I'd love to just be myself and tell a story as it is, link directly to media articles and pictures, things like that. I just, can't.

I will, however, post this update. A lot has happened in the past couple of years. I've been on a few transfer lists, once to balance staffing for specialty units, once to improve my personal situation, and once for staffing drivers. I'm finally at a station where I'm happy. We don't have quite the call volume I'd prefer but my crew is phenomenal. It only took 10+ years to find a crew that doesn't care about my gender. I'm not giving that up until they make me. We laugh every single shift, sometimes until we hurt from it.

There have been some minor changes in my personal life, mostly new hobbies. I still have my horse and he's doing fantastic. We'll hopefully be doing a lot of trail riding this summer/fall. I have 2 amazing cats that keep me amused during the day and curl up on the bed at night. I've been camping (I can't wait to go more often once it warms up). I've gone full retard for a certain MMO I always swore I'd never play.

I've been through a lot that I can't share here without giving myself away. Just know that even though I've been through a lot of stress and hardship, I'm trying to keep my chin up through it all. It's certainly not easy but I'm doing my best. I have 1 close friend that has been my rock the past few years and I don't know what I'd do without them.

 I'm still out there, how about you?


Jeremy said...

Yep, someone is still out there. Did very much enjoy your blog in the past. I'm glad that you've kept it active in case you do feel the motivation to post again!

The Grumpy Dispatcher said...

I have returned from the void a couple of times now, and may yet again. Hang in there and hold on to the long view, and thanks for leaving the blog up.

spikej555 said...

I have read through your blog over the last few weeks and would like to sincerely thank you for writing what you have, and for leaving the blog up.