Saturday, April 3, 2010

Range day-rifle side

I love going to this range. It's owned by a county police department and the range masters/firearm instructors are always nice to us.

I sometimes throw a few shots at the targets on the 200 line, but all looked pretty old so I stayed at 100 today. It's been a while since I had a good range day, so it took me a few minutes to get myself situated.

Decent groupings at 100 the size of my palm. Definately not my best day, but I'll take it. A bad day shooting always beats a great day working. I got bored with paper (as usual) so I turned my focus to the spent shotgun shells I'd set up at the bottom of the berm. Only thing that beats those is golfball hunting. Chasing those downrange is just plain fun, especially when they fly into the air after being hit.

For those wondering, I have a bone stock RRA with removable carry handle and mamba sling. I'm saving for a red dot scope, preferrably one that takes aa or aaa batteries. Also wanting the flashlight that does steady-on or high intensity rapid strobe, can't remember the details on that one cause it's 1am right now. Otherwise, I'm content with my bare bones rifle.

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Capt. Schmoe said...

Nice shooting. Please be so kind as to remind me of that should I ever piss you off!

I have an Ar15a-2 that I have never really shot well. Mostly me I am sure, but I think I may be shooting the wrong weight bullet for the barrel twist.

I too enjoy the range, but mine is not nearly as beautiful as yours. I prefer the weekdays when there is no rangemaster, just a few lucky people who have weekdays off.

Stay safe.