Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I learned just how heavy these suits are today, and how to extricate the tech from his suit. Wow. What an awesome experience.


Sean said...

and we thank you for learning - can you get some of my local fire/ems folks to do the same?

Yes, the suit is heavy! But trust me, there are times you start wondering if it's heavy enough on certain calls!

Firelady said...

I'd actually like to learn more about what bomb techs do other than don a heavy-ass suit and try not to lose any fingers (or worse). I got one of the tech's card and am going to try to learn more.

There any way you'd consider chatting more about this via email?

Sean said...

Sorry been away from reading stuff - and more than happy to help, just drop me an email at sinapu at gmail - see what I can answer!