Monday, September 21, 2009

Bring a swimsuit, it's wet out there

No big suprise, it's been raining for days in many parts of the country. Over the course of the night last night, many, many areas in my department flooded out.

As bad as I want to, I'm gonna have to resist going into any fine details about my activities of the night. I'm afraid they'll give too much away about who I am.

I will say this much, we ran into a few cars, with our boat.

Here at home, I've been under flood warnings for 4 days I believe, with a current flash flood watch in effect. It's 1830 right now and we've had 6.53" of rain since midnight. Pretty close to what we've had the past few days. The fun part is that it's not expected to get any better for a few more days, and there's another wave of storms getting close.

I'm just really thankful I live on somewhat of higher ground, and the water diverts around my house and down a hill. There's been no soil erosion close to the house, and no water has made it inside either.

The roof is barely a year old, but this has cemented that the gutters are next, and soon. They've needed replacing but it's been put off for too long apparently.

I'm so glad I'm off for a couple of days.

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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Im envious.. 1. your off for a few days.. NICE and 2. You know what rain looks like? can you describe it? We never get it!

I miss it!