Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts on going private

As someone who has dealt with issues and bogus complaints from citizens over any personal opinions posted on the internet, I 100% understand and support anyone who chooses to make their blog private. There's just one tiny thing I have to ask of those of you that make this difficult decision.

If you are willing to add some folks to the approved reader list, PLEASE post your email address in your final post. It's impossible to view it if it was on your sidebar, and there's no way to even access your profile unless we can hunt down a comment of yours on someone else's page.

However, using google reader, or blogger's dashboard (depending on your settings), we can see the final post and grab the address to shoot you an email.

A lot of the people I follow have gone silent, or private lately... With 5150life being the most recent one. All the fun blogs are disappearing.

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