Saturday, March 7, 2009

crummy week

Nothing fun or really remotely interesting happened this week. I was supposed to be helping out with a class but being on light duty threw a HUGE monkey-wrench into those plans. I was told that I wasn't even allowed to go watch. Well, fuck.

I got pulled away from the 911 center 3 days to kill trees for a chief. Let me tell you how exciting that is. I hated that job last time I was hurt and I hate is just as much, if not more, now.

The only good thing is that I had my sketchbook with me and sat down and drew a bit while waiting on the xerox.

I started some new exercises at PT thursday and they really screwed me up. I started hurting during PT, and it only got worse. Granted, I haven't really slept all that well since I was injured, but thursday night was miserable. I was up all night, my neck hurt, my shoulders even hurt, drugs didn't help either. I ended up calling out sick from work. Thankfully, capt seemed understanding. Or at least she was nice about it. She'd asked me to call her later that afternoon, I think it was 330 when she called me. I'd woken up a few minutes earlier and went right back to sleep once off the phone with her. I'm feeling better today.

Now I'm just worried about Monday when I go see my Dr. again.

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