Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breaking into cars

I got paid to break into a car.

Nice lady has an infant and a toddler, along with a buggy full of groceries from walmart. She puts the infant into his carseat and puts the groceries in the car. For whatever reason, lays her purse and car keys on the driver's seat. The inevitable happened and her infant was locked in. Thankfully it wasn't blistering hot outside.

We used the break-in kit (officially called a lock-out kit) to start working on the door. If you've never seen one of these things, it has a small plastic wedge, an inflatable bladder, and a long rod that is also bendable.

To make a boring story shorter, We used the wedge to pry the top part of the door away from the frame enough so I could shove the bladder in along the back edge of the door and inflate it. We then stuck the rod in through the gap and hooked the lock, unlocking the door.

The baby was still sleeping, a little hot, but fine. No damage to the car, not even a scratch.

Mom did make the comment about buying one of the kits and keeping it in her trunk. I managed to bite my tongue, but I wanted to ask her how she planned to get it out of the trunk if her keys were locked in the car. It's a great thought, but not quite planned well enough.

This is why my keys stay on a carabiner attached to my belt loop. I've never once locked them in the car since I started doing that.

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Jean said...

Huh-oh, exactly what happened to me this past winter! Approx 18 months old baby was at home with sick dh. Not quite 4 yrs old child was with me. It was to be a "quick" shopping to a small town. Since it was only me and this child, I took my dh's car which have better mpg. It was below freezing outside. My mini-van have numeric lock (push buttons to unlock). I never locked myself out with this mini-van. I had a few stops to make. As per to my common practice, I threw keys and whatever was in my hand onto driver seat while I buckled in child. Keep in mind that I always locked vehicle when I go shopping. It was very biting cold windy out so I put in child first then uploaded the groceries in trunk. Unbeknown to me that this car's lock system is very sluggish in frigid weather. Yup, you guessed it. Car didn't really lock itself until I slammed door after buckling in child. Dd couldn't unbuckle herself and couldn't pull that one lock. It was LONG wait- enough for concerned stranger to call 911 twice if not trice. Thereafter I kept keys in my hand all the time until I arrived home! It was much to my relieve that now 4 year old child could unbuckle herself! Oh boy, I really tried to tell her how to unbuckle herself at that time while standing at window in strong biting cold wind!!!! I'm so grateful that there were sincerely concerned strangers and that all ended well!!