Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Sad

All sorts of things have happened to me in the last week, hence the title of this entry. Without going into too much detail (as if I could help myself), here's the jist of things.

Within the last 30 days, I bought not just any new car, but my first brand new car. Everything went fairly painlessly, considering how much money I now owe the bank. A few days ago I recieved a letter from the loan company saying they were not going to approve my loan for the full amount, leaving about $1,400. Thankfully, I have a signed contract from the day I spent at the dealership and the dealership is dealing with them on my behalf.

Yesterday I get a phone call from my bank. Long story short, someone got my debit card number and has been racking up the charges. I now have an investigator assigned from the bank and I'm waiting to see what he/she says about getting a police report and further investigating the SOB. I want whoever did this to rot in jail!

Ok, I'm done ranting about personal stuff. On to the calls!!!!

A couple shifts ago I was working with one of my good friends on the ambulance. Around 4am we get a call for a patient with leg pain. As soon as we pull up to the scene, I immediately groan and my partner starts laughing when he sees why. Our "leg pain" patient, normally walks with a crutch. After talking to him for a moment, we get the story out of him.

His leg pain is a constant thing, never goes away or gets any better/worse. He took a tylenol PM about 5 minutes before leaving his house and walking all the way to the gas station, where he called 911. He was extremely uncooperative, stating at one point "you gonna take me to XXX (hospital name withheld ;) ) and I ain't payin a damn thing!"

Yeah, ok, whatever....Just get in the truck.

Knowing my temper and how irritated I already was at this guy, I told my partner to ride in the back and get his info, I'd do the paperwork.

At the hospital, we had to tell the patient repeatedly to get out of the truck. Don't think I'm insensitive, the guy was a jerk and did not need to be on the stretcher. At one point, he accused us of stealing his medicine...Medicine that he would not tell us the name of, let alone show us the bottle. Finally out of the truck, he had his next run-in with hospital security at the entrance. He didn't want to walk through the metal detectors. I became aggravated and went to the triage nurses to give them my report. They said to put him in the waiting room, exactly like I had hoped they would.

At the desk, the patient didn't want to sign himself in. Again he proclaimed "you gonna treat me and I ain't payin nothin." Their response? "This is XXX, we expect that here."

Thought I was gonna die laughing. XXX is our largest area hospital and is having some money issues due to people not paying their medical bills.

Lastly for this entry, a call from this morning.

We picked up an early call for the offgoing shift. It was a cardiac arrest and the patient was 2 months old. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do for her. She passed some time during the night, rigor mortis had already set in. When we left, PD had the room with the child secured and was waiting for both the medical examiner and major felony detective to arrive. Both are required to respond due to the child's age.

Mom was just standing there, crying. Dad was hysterical, literally banging his head into the wall at one point. Pray for them tonight, pray for their loss, pray for their mental wellbeing, but mostly, pray they find peace.

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