Monday, December 13, 2010

Old folks

No, I don't mean seniors. I mean really old folks, in their 90's and up.

Old people calls generally fall into a couple of categories.
~Just want someone to talk to
~Are actually sick
~Family called

We had the pleasure of meeting a much older gentleman who's daughter thought he was having a stroke. Fortunately, there was nothing going on medically that was out of the norm for this gentleman. The whole call had us giggling while talking to the gentleman, his daughter shared our humor as well.

EMT: Sir, how many fingers am I holding up?

Old Guy: Yep

EMT: (Louder) How many fingers?

OG: Yep

Daughter: His cataracts are pretty bad.

EMT: So would he normally see how many?

Daughter: No

EMT: Oh.

Everything we asked him, we got a "Yep" in response. Everyone was giggling, even the old man at some point.

These are the old folks I love the most. They may not have a damn clue what's going on, but they manage to make you smile. They don't want anything, they just aren't ready to give up living just yet.

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