Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm sporadic and impatient.

I went to the mountain yesterday in the new shoes. I limited myself by only going to the halfway point though. I walked up and jogged down. The shoes are awesome.

I had 1 person stop me and ask about the shoes, saying he was considering buying a pair. I told him the truth........

It's been 3 days (at this point) and that's the first thing I've really done other than walking around the house and driveway. The only problem I've had is while jogging down the mountain and jumping around on the rocks, the material between your toes can push back pretty hard and is pretty annoying. They're really nice so far though.

Today, my calves are a bit sore, but my feet feel fine. I also went to the barn and rode my horse for almost an hour, so that didn't help any. My legs were extremely tight when I got out of the car after the hour's drive back home.

So far, I'm loving them though.

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