Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House Fire with Entrapment

Sent to the above type call at 0805. We got onscene fast and scrambled getting our gear on (on the ambulance again). We were just about to walk in the front door when command assigned us RIT team. It's a very important job if you're ever needed, but usually, you sit outside on a spare hoseline and wait.

Just moments later, actually it was 0821, the lady was brought outside to us. I took off running to the truck to get jump bags and the stretcher, another firefighter in no gear beat me by a mile. We got back to the lady just as the other ambulance arrived (they were sent since we were assigned to "firefighting operations"). She was being bagged (we were helping her breathe), and someone was doing CPR. As soon as we had a backboard, we secured her to it and placed her on the stretcher. We snatched the other ambulance's stretcher out and put our's into their truck to save time.

After taking a few minutes to suction and secure her airway, as well as start an IV and push cardiac drugs, they were off to the ER. She did not make it. While she wasn't burnt, her body was covered in soot and she had already fallen victim to smoke inhalation.

The fire started in the kitchen and was somewhat contained to that area.
Ran this call about a month ago. I just never made the time to write anything about it.

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